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video chat service

video chat service

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We provide 60 minutes video chat service.

Service contents

Feel free to ask us anything about Shopify.
The time is 1 hour and screen sharing is also possible.
◯For this direction
* It is the first time to make an EC site
* I don't know how to use Shopify
*Is it possible to do this with Shopify?
* What is Shopify in the first place? What's the difference? ?
* I want to introduce not only store sales but also online shops
*Which app should I install?
*I don't know how to operate
*I wonder if we can streamline the operation of this area...
* I don't know how to set up or use the app
* I want to introduce an e-mail magazine, but it is difficult
* I want to analyze and improve the store, but what should I do...
* I don't know everything for the time being, so I want to talk first
* I want a chat partner for EC or Shopify
Please feel free to contact us by message first! If necessary, we will share the screen and answer your questions!

Request for purchase

・Please note that due to the nature of the service, some issues cannot always be resolved.
・We recommend that you send us a summary of the content of your inquiry before purchasing so that there are no discrepancies.
・If you already have a store, please send us the URL of the store in advance.
・If you wish to use the option "Work together", we will ask you for the store URL in advance and apply for a collaborator (participation in the management screen as an external administrator).
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