EC Site Creation
(For Business Owners)

We create business-oriented EC sites based on the "Shopify" platform. We provide full support for shipping, payment integration, and more, making it easy for even EC site beginners to use with confidence.

【Price Range (Quotation Required)】
EC Site Creation: ¥100,000~
Customization: ¥10,000~

EC Site Creation Outsourcing
(For Those Seeking Production Commission)

We can handle everything from directing customer interactions and requirement definitions to design and coding for you. We have a track record of working with multiple companies, including those recognized as ShopifyPlus Partners.

【Price Range (Quotation Required)】
EC Site Creation (Including Overall Direction)

EC Site Operation Support

We provide advice to ensure smooth operation of your EC site and help you improve sales with marketing strategies (This is not an operational outsourcing service).

【Price Range (Quotation Required)】