We will build an EC site
tailored to the operator's needs.

  • EC Site Creation (for Business Owners)

    We will create an eCommerce site using the "Shopify" platform, specifically designed for business purposes. We offer comprehensive support for setting up shipping, payment methods, and more, making it easy for eCommerce beginners to get started.

    [Estimated Pricing (Quotation Required)]
    EC Site Creation: ¥100,000~
    Customization: ¥10,000~

  • EC Site Creation Outsourcing (For Those Seeking Production Commission)

    From directing customer interactions and requirements definition to design and coding, we can handle all aspects of the production process. We have a track record of working with multiple companies, including those recognized as ShopifyPlus Partners.

    [Estimated Pricing (Quotation Required)]
    EC Site Creation (Including Overall Direction)

  • EC Site Operation Support

    We provide support for smooth operation of your eCommerce site and offer advice on marketing strategies to improve sales. Please note that this is not an outsourcing service for site management.

    [Estimated Pricing (Quotation Required)]

  • ❶ Contacts and Quotations

    Please contact us through the contact form. After that, we will provide you with a quotation and proposal. If you are satisfied with the content, we will proceed with the project after the contract is signed.

  • ❷ Consultation and Production

    Once we understand your specific requirements, we will start the production process. We kindly ask you to prepare any necessary materials for the production.

    * If it's difficult to prepare the materials, feel free to consult with us.

  • ❸ Review, Launch, and Delivery

    Once the review of the production is completed, we will launch the site and deliver the final product to you.

    We will also provide you with any operation-related documents and explanations tailored to your needs.


I'm concerned about managing the new system site effectively.

We will provide you with a manual at the time of delivery, and we'll also personally guide you through the operation instructions. Additionally, Shopify itself offers live chat support, so you won't be left without help if you need it.

What is the estimated completion timeframe?

The completion timeframe varies depending on the customer's needs. For a simple eCommerce site, it can take 1 to 3 months, while a large-scale eCommerce site can be built within 3 to 6 months.

What features does Shopify have?

Shopify allows you to build an eCommerce site on dedicated servers. You can create a shop customized to your business model and manage products and customer information online. With dedicated apps, you can add various features such as "Product Reviews," "Email Marketing," "e-Gifts," and "Loyalty Points."

What are the running costs for Shopify implementation?

The running costs for Shopify include "Shopify Usage Fees" and "Shopify App Usage Fees." The exact costs vary depending on the scale of your business and the apps you use. Compared to traditional eCommerce packages, Shopify offers a significantly lower cost for implementation.

Can various payment methods be implemented on Shopify?

Shopify's standard Shopify Payment supports VISA, MASTER, AMEX, JCB, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. Additionally, you can integrate other external payment methods such as Amazon Pay, PayPal, Pay on Delivery (PayDee), Bank Transfer, PayPay, Rakuten Pay, and many more.